20 Mar 2019 - 21 Mar 2019 | Brussels, Belgium
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20 Mar 2019 - 21 Mar 2019
Brussels, Belgium
Water Market Europe 2019

Food & Drink Edition

Water management is one of the greatest challenges facing the Food&Drink sector today, with
far-reaching implications for society, including for the competitiveness and sustainability of all food and drink manufacturers. Worldwide, less and less water is going to be available for food production. Critical resources, including water - one of the biggest risks, will come under increased pressure in the future.

Water Market Europe 2019 is focusing on the Food&Drink sector
which requires, in terms of technological solutions, almost the totality of most innovating water technologies, covers the full water cycle and has a high impact on climate challenges.

As fresh water is becoming a scarce resource, innovative and concrete solutions should make possible and affordable to recycle/reuse water and create close loops particularly in the industrial processes and make residual wastewater available for other purposes such as adjacent industries, farming, bio-based industries, and communities.

Facts of the Food&Drink sector:

  • Facing water scarcity, manufacturers are actively working to reduce water use;
  • Recycling process water and reducing water in the production processes are some of the industry main concerns;
  • The industry needs to invest in water-efficient technologies and adopt robust water management practices.

Robust water management is today imperative for a business: there is an urgent need for deploying in the market reliable and affordable solutions for the resiliency of the Food&Drink sector, which is a pillar of the water smart society.

Water Market Europe 2019 Structure:

  1. The Market Scenario: presentation of the Water Market trends for the Food&Drink sector;
  2. Investing Perspectives and Opportunities: presentations by investors;
  3. MarketPlace: presentations by the Food & Beverage companies looking for innovative solutions to water-related challenges (Presenting participant: Problem owner - Food&Drink);
  4. MarketPlace: presentations by the Water System Integrators showcasing solutions for the Food&Drink sector (Presenting participant - Water Systems Integrator);
  5. B2B meetings between the Presenting participants (Problem owners) and the Attending participants (Solution providers) and between all the participants and the investors.

If you need more information regarding the event's registration process or payment settings, please contact Ms. Anca Popa, Event Coordinator.


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